The summer time several weeks could be a hard time for the pets, especially if they’re vulnerable to getting fleas. Flea bites are painful and annoying. Fortunately, there are lots of effective flea control products currently available. Your vet will help you select the commercial product(s) ideal for your pet, your climate, as well as your conditions.

But have you ever attempted these traditional treatments?

Garlic clove: In case your pet will tolerate it, add a little garlic clove juice towards the consuming water. It’s also effective to put a couple of cloves of garlic clove within the bedding.

Lemons: Mix a tablespoon of reconstituted fresh lemon juice right into a bottle of spray filled with water and spritz directly on your pet’s coat.

Yeast: Give a couple of spoonfuls of brewer’s yeast for your pet’s food bowl daily. Laser hair removal is effective but it’s certainly not for that finicky eater.

Vinegar: Give a little vinegar for your pet’s freshwater bowl throughout the hot summer time several weeks. Apple cider vinegar treatment is frequently perfectly tolerated, but any kind of vinegar works. Also, a vinegar rinse with doggie’s refreshing bath will prove to add shine to his coat while assisting to defend against fleas.

If fleas like to bite you, along with your pet, simply add yogurt for your summer time snacks. Fleas don’t like the flavour of Vitamin B1 within the skin. Yogurt can help keep lots of Vitamin B1 inside your skin which means you will not be so tasty towards the fleas!