As a dog owner, you probably spend a considerable amount of money on food and grooming supplies. However, your pooch also needs a few other things, and that list includes a pet carrier. Pet carriers are containers for animals like cats and dogs and are pretty handy. In this post, we have a few reasons why you should shop one for your dog.

  • Pet carriers are convenient. These are not same as crates and can be pretty portable too. If you have guests at home, your dog doesn’t need to jump on them anymore. He is safe and in a place he should be!
  • Carriers are ideal for long journeys. You will find a long list of pet carriers that are airline compliant, so no matter whether the dog is in the cabin or in cargo, he can travel with you as long as other things are in place.
  • A good and portable option like the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier is ideal for local traveling, as well. If you don’t like to leave your pet behind at home, all you need is a good carrier, and he can be with the human pack!
  • Pet carriers are ideal for teaching crate rules. Wired crates are not comfortable and can feel like cage. That’s not the case with carriers. You will find options that are pretty comfortable and easy to use.
  • Pet carriers are also great for car travel. If you have a hyperactive dog that refuses to listen, a carrier can keep him in place. Also, you can take the pet out whenever you want, especially when you are on long road trips.

Shopping for one

Pet carriers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the choices largely depend on what you want to spend. Make sure that you check the size chart and measure your dog before looking for options. Also, there are choices of hard and soft sided carriers, and the latter can be expensive but worth the price. The prices depend on the warranty of the product, as well. You can check online on a few websites, where you will find side by side comparison between different dog carriers along with a list of pros and cons. Choose something that will last for a few years.

If you have a puppy, buy something sturdy but inexpensive that can be replaced as the pooch grows up.